The exhibition Symbiosis, presenting the work of Jim Avignon and GonçaloMAR. The two artists create dreamlike visions in which they propagate a symbiosis between modern society and its surroundings. In this exhibition we have created a symbiosis between the two artists.

In vibrant colours and a minimum of lines, German artist Jim Avignon creates paintings of cartoonish figures, often dominantly featuring titles. His painting output is very high, jokingly earning him the title: ‘fastest painter in the world’. While his art is being picked up by galleries and museums around the world, Jim wants his art to stay affordable. He loathes elitism. Everybody should be able to enjoy his art.

Portuguese artist GonçaloMAR’s works blend elements of universes from comic books and animation with Japanese culture. His colourful characters appear surreal in how they look and act. GonçaloMAR incorporates the materials he works on in the street, like wood and even cement, in his canvases. This way he binds his gallery and street art work together. With his art he wants to make clear that modern society should rethink its relation to nature.