Frank de Ruwe aka Streetart Frankey

A big kid bursting with creativity or an ideas factory on overdrive? Both are actually true. But neither captures the vastness of the creative universe of Frank de Ruwe, also known as Frankey. He thinks up almost anything. From products to guerilla marketing. From street art to music videos. You name it.

He was, for example, the first with a mobile stand during Milan Design Week. Turning up in a modified milk truck. And he was the first to go viral with an iPhone coffee-cup holder. Attracting attention from the LA Times and NBC.

And did you know he also holds a couple of world records? One for stair-gliding on a mattress. And another one for jumping through a flaming hoop in a Fiat 500… wait for it… filled with 400 kilos of grapes.

And that’s not all. His creative agency, Natwerk, has grown to become a household name in Dutch Advertising.

“I just like making people smile,” says Frankey.

Frankey studied industrial design at the TU in Delft, the Netherlands. His work has been shown at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and in various exhibitions in USA, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Frankey currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Where, if you look closely, you can discover his works in an unexpected places throughout the city. Remember to keep an eye out, you won’t regret it.