In this show we explore the crosslinks between street art and photography. The three artists on show have all in their own way been inspired by the painted street, as a setting, as a way of working or as a story on its own.

Travelling the world, photographer Dennis Duijnhouwer couldn’t help but notice that in any city in any country he would find Tupac Shakur related graffiti. Intrigued by this, he started pursuing more proof that almost 20 years after his death, the rapper’s star is still on the rise. 2pac lives!

As a gonzo photographer, Hugo Snelooper follows the Amsterdam skate scene. He is a part of the infamous Booticelli Boys crew, that leaves a trail of empty beer cans and cigarette fumes as they move through the city from spot to spot. His photographs show the clashes between daily life and this subculture.

Artist sven signe den hartogh works from his intuition, through his art he tries to communicate his most intrinsic feelings. For this exhibition he has vandalized and tagged his own works, painting over the photographs he has made.

Opening: 17 November 5 – 9 pm
Exhibition till 13 January 2019