The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition Ressources Naturelles by Pipsqueak was here!!! and Ador. After their successful first collaboration in 2018, we’re excited to welcome them back in the gallery. The artists feel a strong connection towards animal life and nature in general. In this exhibition they reflect on the evaporation of natural resources and the use of raw material. They feel that “like a cannibal, man is eating its own mother earth”.  This doesn’t have to be a purely negative message but can be viewed as a call for engagement as well. Natural resources can, for example, also consist of household waste and other products that one can reuse.

Amsterdam based duo Pipsqueak was here!!! creates work, often on recycled wood, about the relationship between man, nature and the animal world while that world is becoming increasingly smaller due to population growth.

Ador is a French artist who creates his own universe filled with imaginary humanoid characters inspired by circus spectacles, current events and caricatures. He likes to show images, that can be placed between serious and distorted but always with satire. He just lets his characters talk.

We hope to welcome you in our gallery soon,

O.D. Gallery

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Exhibition: September 5 – November 15

OPEN: WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY |12:00 – 18:00