The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to Nightgarden, the first Dutch solo exhibition in 10 years by Collin van der Sluijs.
After his very successful exhibition in Chicago earlier this year we are pleased to offer Amsterdam the opportunity to get to know Collin’s work more closely in the gallery space, which is less common for him.

Collin knew from an early age that he wanted to become an artist and started taking painting lessons as an 11-year old. He quickly found a connection with the graffiti world, which remained a driving force behind his work. By now Collin van der Sluijs has been asked all over the world to enchant the public space with his poetic murals.
Collin’s murals can be seen in numerous cities in the US such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno and Chicago but also in Berlin, Tokyo or Yerevan. His work is also prominent in many places in the Netherlands. Collin has recently completed large permanent projects, alone or in collaboration, in Tilburg, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Geleen and Breda.

For Collin, his everyday life and travel experiences are often a subject and source of inspiration. This also translates into a diverse use of materials. This can vary from watercolor to acrylic and oil paint or spray cans, depending on whether he encounters them along the way. The connecting factor always remains his strong eye for detail, however imposing the work may sometimes be.

The result is an intimate and personal exhibition in which Collin van der Sluijs, in his characteristic virtuoso handwriting, comments in a dreamy way on the everyday stories and struggles of this period of isolation and thus also holds up a mirror to the viewer.
In the first instance this shows a very alluring image. But also an image that, on closer inspection, questions many of the pleasures of our society.

We hope to welcome you in our gallery soon,

O.D. Gallery