The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition ’I’d rather be snowboarding’.

After having made abstract work for years, Ottograph decided this year to start making art with a message. ‘Just aesthetics doesn’t do it for me anymore’, he says, ‘I want to change the world, so expect some serious shit’. In this show you’ll see a lot of selfies.

We also introduce Portuguese artist Tiago Galo to the Netherlands. Taking the dog for a walk or going to the supermarket. The banal things in life inspire Tiago. In his head the man in a flannel shirt sitting at the bus stop on a summer day, or the afro perm on the lady at the cafe mean much more than they appear.

We hope to welcome you in our gallery soon,

O.D. Gallery

Opening: 30 March 5 – 9 pm
Exhibition till 19 May