Extravagant. amsterdam made a video report on the opening of the exhibition Nurture or Nature, combining the work of ADOR and Pipsqueak was here!!!

Pipsqueak was here!!! is an Amsterdam based duo that holds a knife in their hands throughout the majority of each day as their stencils rule their life and work. They prefer to paint on reclaimed wood or other leftovers and treasures from the trash. No paint is wasted; they find it a sport to minimize their carbon footprint. Caution children at play is their motto. It illustrates the childish behaviour of our human nature that toys with mother earth.

Ador is a French artist who has created his own universe filled with imaginary characters inspired by fairy tales, circus spectacles, current events, caricatures. He likes to mix all the characters he has already painted in different situations. Ador currently lives on the exotic Reunion Island.

Check out the video here