OD Gallery is proud to announce NeSpoon‘s first Dutch gallery exhibition #Ceramicstreetart & #Copypaste collaborating with SC Szyman for this occasion.


Central to NeSpoon‘s work are age-old lace patterns. In this she finds the universal sense of natural order and harmonic balance that everyone is instinctively looking for. She believes these patterns are older than mankind and are all around us, in forms and shapes derived from the natural world and that is why they are known everywhere. The lace patterns return in her work in a variety of techniques and are stripped of the perhaps old-fashioned image. Painted in large murals, but also in small ceramic works, graffiti or installations, she connects the traditional lace patterns directly with the street and thus with the present and the social themes of our time. Like the lace techniques, NeSpoon’s work has also been distributed worldwide. She made installations and murals in 35 countries all around the globe. Her work has recently been included in the collection of the Museum of Louvre / Lens branch in France.


Ceramic street art is a heart of creation of NeSpoon, clay is her primary material. It was ceramic objects with lace motifs that were the first works she placed on the street in 2009. Over the last 13 years, she left several hundred of such laborious pieces on the streets of numerous cities around the globe. All over the world one of the most popular ways to decorate ceramic dishes is pushing the lace onto fresh clay. This is how the pattern is created. One day NeSpoon realized that these motifs are intriguing on their own, they don’t need an excuse such as a plate or a mug to exist. She started to make such no-purpose lacy objects and glue them on walls. Over the last 13 years, she left several hundred of such pieces on the streets of numerous cities around the globe. Each ceramic lace is made in two copies: one is left somewhere on the street, the other becomes the center of the fragile art object. The title of each a work is the name of the city in which the second copy of the lace was left. Such works will be shown at the exhibition on the subject of O.D. Gallery.

NeSpoon also uses ceramics to implement conceptual projects in urban space, such as Thoughts, Scrabble, Copy+Paste, World Without Water, Epitaph for the forest, Muse of street art, Scars or Tableware for pigeons – to be seen on artist’s website; https://nespoon.art/ceramics/

SC Szyman is an urban artist and graphic designer with an architectural background and who has been active in the urban art scene since 2002. From the very beginning he used rough graphic forms, mainly expressed in stencils and stickers. Since 2010 he has concentrated on making screen printing posters as an artistic medium. As an extension, he makes mural compositions that are made entirely of posters creating intriguing spatial forms. He mentions constructivism and brutalism as his points of reference, and the urban space itself as the main source of inspiration.
The artists are present during the opening, we hope to welcome you then,
O.D. Gallery
OPENING:  3 SEPTEMBER, 17:00- 22:00 
Exhibition till 30 October