Exhibition Nurture or nature

Video report on the opening of the exhibition Nurture or Nature, combining the work of ADOR and Pipsqueak was here!!!
The artists feel a strong connection towards animal life and nature in general. They wonder where the balance in treating all creatures right tipped into the favour of the economy.

Daam by Caaps

Video about the exhibition DAAM by Caaps. CAAPS has curated the exhibition and selected ten emerging artists to create an artwork especially for this show. Participating are Grems and Dotsy. Together with the clothes of their brand the artworks form an installation that immerses you in their collective vision of art.

SHN at the O.D. Gallery!

Video about the creation of the exhibition Combo! at the O.D. Gallery. In this show we present Brazilian artists that use São Paulo as their platform. The art collective SHN and the artist Alex Senna use opposite ways to change the landscape of this city. We are proud to present these two distinct icons of Brazilian street art in our gallery for their first ever joint exhibition.

Duo show Authenticus on Gone Out

Article announcing the opening of the exhibition Authenticus. DHM Hugo Mulder and DOES share the same vision on aesthetics and authenticity when it comes to creating their art.

Exhibition Symbiosis in online magazine Amsterdam Today

Article about the exhibition Symbiosis. A duo show with Jim Avignon and GonçaloMAR. The two artists create dreamlike visions in which they propagate a symbiosis between modern society and its surroundings. In this exhibition we have created a symbiosis between the two artists.

Marvelous Persona on fotoexpositie.nl

Introduction to the exhibition Marvelous Persona by photographer Menno Kok on fotoexpositie.nl
With portraits of family, friends, intimi, nudes and landscapes, the exhibition Marvelous Persona is an ode to everyone who stood in front of Menno Kok’s camera.