Marvelous Persona on

Introduction to the exhibition Marvelous Persona by photographer Menno Kok on
With portraits of family, friends, intimi, nudes and landscapes, the exhibition Marvelous Persona is an ode to everyone who stood in front of Menno Kok’s camera.

Opening Robot Dreams op Gone Out

Announcement of the festive opening of the exhibition Robot Dreams by Lean Frizzera * Nacho Violini on Gone Out.
The artist duo created their army of articulated robots, ‘Giuseppe Dynamo’ bronzes.

Art is Trash in Vice

Article about the Art is Trash show in the Gallery. If you put your trash out last week, there is a chance that it has turned into a socially critical art installation. Art is Trash, a.k.a. Francisco de Pájaro is in the country.

Streetart Frankey in JUXTAPOZ

Announcement of the exhibition Frankey Go Round: “Frankey go round is a solo exhibition from the local creative force Frank de Ruwe, also known as Streetart Frankey, and it’s currently going round the O.D. Gallery Amsterdam. Taking over two floors in his hometown, the show displays witty street interventions and whimsical studio works.”

Streetart Frankey in Het Parool

Announcement of the exhibition Frankey Go Round: “The exhibition Franky go round shows a selection of the cheerful interventions in the public space of Frankey, which is called Frank de Ruwe in real life. “I like to make people laugh,” says the street artist.”


Bortusk Leer in Het Parool

Article in Het Parool on the exhibition Fuck Off Winter: “The work of the British artist Bortusk Leer (43) is exceptionally cheerful. This also applies to his exhibition Fuck Off Winter, which opens on Saturday in the O.D Gallery.”