Summer Exhibition 2023

We kick off the new sun-filled and happy season with our yearly Summer Exhibition. A colourful groupshow with artworks by the Dutch and international artists we represent like Ottograph, Jim Avignon, Pipsqueak was here!!!, Bortuks Leer, Laser 3.14 and more. You can...

If then is now – Alex Senna interview

Alex Senna is a Brazilian Street artist born in 1982 in Orlândia and working in Sao Paulo. His works can be seen all over the world. Alex is colorblind, so is is not strange that most of the works are in black and white.

His works are about what he sees and what he feels. “I imagine that by putting my cards on the table, I can be clear and objective with the audience, putting up a present dialogue, always with ideas and reflections.”

If then is now – SHN interview

Eduardo Saretta is one of the artists of SHN Art Collective Brazil. Their work is part of the group exhibition Come Together at the O.D. Gallery.

SHN originated in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Brazil in 1998, SHN emerged from the industrial waste of a silk-screen industry. The idea to make stickers and posters to wet paste on the streets permeates all the activities of the team. SHN is an art collective, or team of friends, that went to the school of the do-it-yourself and the counterculture together. The whole imaginary is developed around the hardcore and independent rock ideology.

If then is now – Pipsqueak was here!!! interview

In de O.D. Gallery is de tentoonstelling Ressources Naturelles te zien met werken van Pipsqueak was here!!! en Ador. De kunstenaars voelen een sterke band met het dierenleven en de natuur in het algemeen. In deze tentoonstelling reflecteren ze op het verdwijnen van aardse grondstoffen en natuurlijke hulpbronnen. Ze hebben het gevoel dat ‘de mens als een kannibaal zijn eigen moeder aarde opeet’. Pipsqueak gaf ons een toelichting op hun ideeën achter hun kunst en op deze tentoonstelling.

If then is now – Jens Mohr interview

Article by Walter van Teeffelen in which he learns more about the philosophy behind Jens Mohr’s art.

In the O.D. Gallery in Amsterdam I saw Jens Mohr’s artworks in the exhibition ‘Coming Together’. Jens Mohr creates strange and humorous artistic pieces out of found, everyday objects. Each one of them arises spontaneously and intuitively. 

If then is now – Pascal Tanna interview

Walter van Teeffelen interviews Pascal ‘Tanna’ Tan for his series World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 319 – Pascal ‘Tanna’ Tan

Pascal ‘Tanna’ Tan is one of the new artists joining the group show Come Together at the O.D. Gallery