In this show we present Brazilian artists that use São Paulo as their platform. The art collective SHN and the artist Alex Senna use opposite ways to change the landscape of this city. We are proud to present these two distinct icons of Brazilian street art in our gallery for their first ever joint exhibition.

September – November 2018

Nurture or nature: the art of Ador and Pipsqueak was here!!!

The exhibition Nurture or Nature, combines the work of ADOR and Pipsqueak was here!!! The artists feel a strong connection towards animal life and nature in general. They wonder where the balance in treating all creatures right tipped into the favour of the economy. We live ignoring the damaging consequences driven by our primal forces. Are we obediently doing as we are told or do we just act on impulse?

July – September 2018

Symbiosis: the art of Jim Avignon and Gonçalomar

The exhibition Symbiosis, presenting the work of Jim Avignon and GonçaloMAR. The two artists create dreamlike visions in which they propagate a symbiosis between modern society and its surroundings. In this exhibition we have created a symbiosis between the two artists.

May – July 2018


French collective CAAPS is a streetwear fashion brand, but also an artist community. They took over our gallery to curate an exciting exhibition combining fashion and art. Participating artists are: Mistersphinx, Sarme, Escruela, Yosh, Mosa87, Bebar, Oust, Virassamy, Grems and Dotsy.

March – May 2018

Art is trash

“Art is Trash” (aka El Arte Es Basura) is the street name of Barcelona-based artist Francisco de Pájaro. When he sees a pile of rubbish, he creates art with it. He rearranges boxes, garbage bags, broken furniture, old mattresses and paints on it, sticks it together with tape, leaves his trademark moniker and walks away.

December 2017 – February 2018

Lean Frizzera & Nacho Violini: Robot dreams

Lean Frizzera is a mural artist and sculptor from Argentina. On the streets he paints giant robots, like ‘Giuseppe Dynamo’. A robot crane & comic strip, based on the life of his grandfather. Nacho Violini is a sculptor and jeweller from Argentina. The artist duo created their army of articulated robots, ‘Giuseppe Dynamo’ bronzes. Using different disciplines in oil, skill prints and in sculpture form. This show exhibits this robot’s entire life journey and its transformations.

October – December 2017