O.D. Gallery is proud to welcome the Brazilian street art collective SHN back to Amsterdam. This multidisciplinary collective is coming to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the exhibition AGENDA.
In this exhibition AGENDA, SHN demonstrates their artistic development of organically creating art landscapes in urban surroundings.

Summer Exhibition 2023

We kick off the new sun-filled and happy season with our yearly Summer Exhibition. A colourful groupshow with artworks by the Dutch and international artists we represent like Ottograph, Jim Avignon, Pipsqueak was here!!!, Bortuks Leer, Laser 3.14 and more. You can...

Sale & Pepe

O.D. Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Sale&Pepe. Sale&Pepe is a collaborative project by Barcelona based Morcky and Joan Tarragó. One Italian and one Spanish, these two artists met in the prolific art scene of the Catalan capital under the sign of a shared passion for illustration, painting and muralism.

Upcoming: Because We Must

O.D. Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition BECAUSE WE MUST with works by Perishable Rush and Laser 3.14. Both artists have a long track record in the world of street art, while employing an entirely unique visual language.Their urgency to create, with the city as a source of inspiration and support for their work, prompted O.D. Gallery to ask them to collaborate on an exhibition: BECAUSE WE MUST.
The artists will be present during the opening on Friday 20 January from 17:00 – 22:00 PM


After their successful group show in 2019, the artists will be back at OD Gallery to create a brand new exhibition called WordPerfect. This exhibition features letters, words, language, material, color, and more.
In their quest for perfection, this group of sign painters and designers use digital and analog techniques like calligraphy, drawing, painting, illustration, risograph, and screenprinting to achieve their goal: creating beautiful letters and perfect words.

#Ceramicstreetart & #Copypaste

OD Gallery is proud to announce NeSpoon’s first Dutch gallery exhibition¬†#Ceramicstreetart, collaborating with SC Szyman for this occasion.
Central to NeSpoon’s work are age-old lace patterns. In this she finds the universal sense of natural order and harmonic balance that everyone is instinctively looking for. The lace patterns return in her work in a variety of techniques.
SC Szyman is an urban artist and graphic designer with an architectural background and who has been active in the urban art scene since 2002. From the very beginning he used rough graphic forms, mainly expressed in stencils and stickers. Since 2010 he has concentrated on making screen printing posters as an artistic medium.