Nightgarden – Collin van der Sluijs

The O.D. Gallery is proud to announce Nightgarden, the first Dutch solo exhibition in 10 years by Collin van der Sluijs.
After his very successful exhibition in Chicago earlier this year we are pleased to offer Amsterdam the opportunity to get to know Collin’s work more closely in the gallery space, which is less common for him. The result is an intimate and personal exhibition in which Collin van der Sluijs, in his characteristic virtuoso handwriting, comments in a dreamy way on the everyday stories and struggles of this period of isolation and thus also holds up a mirror to the viewer. In the first instance this shows a very alluring image. But also an image that, on closer inspection, questions many of the pleasures of our society.

Ressources Naturelles

The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition Ressources Naturelles by Pipsqueak was here!!! and Ador. After their successful first collaboration in 2018, we’re excited to welcome them back in the gallery. The artists feel a strong connection towards animal life and nature in general. In this exhibition they reflect on the evaporation of natural resources and the use of raw material. They feel that “like a cannibal, man is eating its own mother earth”. This doesn’t have to be a purely negative message but can be viewed as a call for engagement as well.

If then is now: Bortusk Leer’s happy silly monsters

Bortusk Leer’s was interviewed by Walter van Teeffelen about his exhibition Art’s not serious, being dead is.
Walter writes for cultural platform If then is now.

During the ‘intelligent lockdown’ Bortusk Leer made special monsters with comforting and humorous messages such as ‘Stay Fucking positive’, ‘Smiling is contagious’ and ‘Smile, you wanker’. This work is now on display in the gallery for the first time.

Art’s not serious, being dead is

The O.D. Gallery is happy to announce it’s reopening and cordially invites you to the exhibition Art’s not serious, being dead is.

With this exhibition we cheer up the people in Amsterdam. It is the second solo exhibition in the gallery of artist Bortusk Leer, known for his Happy Monsters holding signs with provocative slogans. During the ‘intelligent lockdown’ he made special monsters with comforting and humorous messages.

Art Vandals

The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition Art Vandals

Street art is an art form dominated by men. The O.D. Gallery thinks it’s time to show that there are also female street art artists. On 28 March, we open the duo exhibition Art Vandals, with work by the Canadian artists MissMe and Pony. In a very different visual language, the two artists convey a corresponding message about the position of women in society.


The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to a fresh start, the exhibition 20. In our first exhibition of the new year we look back and forward. Back to last year, by showing some of our favourite artists who exhibited in the gallery. We’re also introducing some new artists the gallery is looking forward to work with in the coming years.

January 25 – March 22