O.D. Gallery is proud to welcome the Brazilian street art collective SHN back to Amsterdam. This multidisciplinary collective is coming to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the exhibition AGENDA.

For 25 years, SHN has been inspiring São Paulo and other city centers with its dynamic culture of vibrant stickers and posters used as graphic elements to bring cityscapes to life. With screen printing as a graphic starting point for their research of universal icons, SHN critiques the concept of logo and brand in a humorous and critical way.

 In this exhibition AGENDA, SHN demonstrates their artistic development of organically creating art landscapes in urban surroundings. With AGENDA, O.D. Gallery and SHN are commemorating this remarkable 25-year journey, while also paying tribute to the countless individuals who have embraced this unique lifestyle and the cherished friendships formed along the way.

 The artists will be present during the opening!

 O.D Gallery

Opening Saturday 9 September 17.00 – 22.00

Exhibition until October 22