The O.D. Gallery focusses on bringing emerging and established Dutch and international street artists to Amsterdam. The street art scene in the Netherlands can feel small and limited, so want to bring new names and brighten the streets with fresh art from all over the world. Over the past few years we’ve introduced the Netherlands to Dutch and international artists like Pipsqueak was here!!!, Streetart Frankey, Ottograph, Bortusk Leer, Jens Mohr, Gonçalomar, Jim Avignon, Art is Trash, CAAPS, SHN, Tiago Galo, Ador, Ricky Powell, Collin van der Sluijs, Tono Radvany, Collective 416, AndrĂ© Mogle, HNRX, Alex Senna, Super A, Steve Locatelli, Laser 3.14, the Amsterdam Signpainters and Laurens van Gurp.


In our gallery you can buy high quality art for affordable prices. We aim to connect a broad audience with Street Art. It is a democratic art form, we strive to let the gallery work from the artists we represent be democratic as well, with reasonable prices. We also seek to push boundaries. We not only work with spray painters and painters from the street, but also with photographers such as Ricky Powell and Tono Radvany, who have great affinity with street art and whose works also rise from life on the streets.

The motivations of the gallery are artistic instead of commercial. We try to spot the people we represent on the street instead of at art fairs. We take risks by bringing them to the gallery and letting them express themselves on canvas amongst others. This all stems from a deep love for street art and the will to show it in its purest form.