O.D. Gallery is very proud to welcome Mark Bodē back to Amsterdam for the exhibition BODĒS EROTICA.

It is impossible to know your history of Underground comics and Graffiti without mentioning the name BODĖ as in Vaughn and Mark Bodē.

Since the late 1950s the Bode family art has permeated pop culture and influenced artists, musicians and movie makers around the globe.

Bodē characters were used in the early train yards of NYC and made a staple in the world of graffiti by such artists as DONDI, MARE, KEL, SEEN, SHY and the list goes on to this day.

Vaughn was at the peak of his popularity when he passed away at the age of 33 but the characters he created like Cheech Wizard, the Bodē Lizards and Bode Broads live on through Mark who

has spread the family style all over the world via paintings, murals and comics, toys, tattoos and clothing.


current: AGENDA by SHN

O.D. Gallery is proud to welcome the Brazilian street art collective SHN back to Amsterdam. This multidisciplinary collective is coming to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the exhibition AGENDA.

With AGENDA, O.D. Gallery and SHN are commemorating this remarkable 25-year journey, while also paying tribute to the countless individuals who have embraced this unique lifestyle and the cherished friendships formed along the way.


Now: Summer Exhibition

We kick off the new sun-filled and happy season with our yearly Summer Exhibition. A colourful groupshow with artworks by the Dutch and international artists we represent like Ottograph, Jim Avignon, Pipsqueak was here!!!, Bortuks Leer, Laser 3.14 and more. You can expect a lot of new vibrant pieces made especially for this exhibition. We hope to celebrate the best season with you soon!

Exhibition until 3 September

past: Sale&Pepe

O.D. Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Sale&Pepe. Sale&Pepe is a collaborative project by Barcelona based Morcky and Joan Tarragó. Sale&Pepe are the key ingredients to any recipe. The essence.

Exhibition until 21 May

current: Because We Must

O.D. Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition BECAUSE WE MUST with works by Perishable Rush and Laser 3.14. Both artists have a long track record in the world of street art, while employing an entirely unique visual language.Their urgency to create, with the city as a source of inspiration and support for their work, prompted O.D. Gallery to ask them to collaborate on an exhibition: BECAUSE WE MUST.

The artists will be present during the opening

Friday 20 January – Sunday 12 March

past: WordPerfect

We are happy to announce our upcoming exhibition: WordPerfect. The second group show by The Signpainters and friends. This exhibition features letters, words, language, material, color, and more. The participating artists are Yves van Asten, Zender, Signpainters&Co (Jeroen Koning, Miranda Ensink, Tim Sake), Alex Klerk, and Mister Adam.
Exhibition until 15 January

past: #Ceramicstreetart | #CopyPasteArt

OD Gallery is proud to announce NeSpoon’s first Dutch gallery exhibition #Ceramicstreetart & #Copypaste, collaborating with SC Szyman for this occasion.
Central to NeSpoon’s work are age-old lace patterns. The lace patterns return in her work in a variety of techniques like ceramic objects, murals and paintings on canvas.
SC Szyman is an urban artist and graphic designer with an architectural background. Since 2010 he has concentrated on making screen printing posters as an artistic medium.

Exhibition extended to 12 November


O.D. Gallery is celebrating the best season of the year with the group exhibition SUMMER IN THE CITY: a sparkling exhibition with work by prominent artists from home and abroad. SUMMER IN THE CITY shows a lot of new work especially made for the occasion in a variety of disciplines, ranging from site-specific installations to photography. Street art in all shapes and sizes by established names together with work by young up-and-coming talents. A vibrant exhibition full of variety that invites you to immerse yourself in a refreshing bath in a hot summer.

Exhibition till 28 August

past: [deːɐ̯ ˈt͡saːn deːɐ̯ ˈt͡saɪ̯t] DER ZAHN DER ZEIT

With ALIAS and TONA, the gallery brings the work of two leading German street artists to Amsterdam. Their life in the metropolitan environment of Berlin and Hamburg is naturally reflected in their art but also makes them eager to search for the intimacy of direct contact with the individual in their work.

This exhibition, Der Zahn Der Zeit, ALIAS & TONA’s first show together, presents the artists fascination with the patina of time that is reflected in their creative process.

We hope to welcome you in the gallery soon!

Exhibition until 5 June


After a year of restrictions, the need to meet people, make contacts and enjoy arts in company is greater than ever. O.D. Gallery participates in this need with the group exhibition COME TOGETHER! In this show we bring together the work of a big range of street artists from the Netherlands and abroad, artists known to the gallery as well as some new faces and hopefully their audience. With Mister Thoms, Jim Avignon, Pascal ‘Tanna’ Tan, Streetart Frankey, Collin van der Sluijs, Ador, SHN, Tattoo Rupa, Bortusk Leer, Alex Senna, Ottograph, Pipsqueak was here!!! & Jens Mohr


Past: Men at Work - Business as unusual

Almost 30 years ago at the Love Parade in Berlin, Jim Avignon and Dadara took the street art world by storm with their painted flyers and joint performances. Since then they both made individual international careers, but never lost touch, even though their last collaboration was in 2013. Inviting Jim to Amsterdam seemed the perfect opportunity to give this a follow-up. The exhibition will show recent works by Jim Avignon and new works made in collaboration with Dadara, as well as an overview of their common history.

During the opening of this exhibition, the artists will be present and provide a performance.


On show till November 15

PAST: Nightgarden - Collin van der Sluijs

The O.D. Gallery is proud to announce Nightgarden, the first Dutch solo exhibition in 10 years by Collin van der Sluijs.
After his very successful exhibition in Chicago earlier this year we are pleased to offer Amsterdam the opportunity to get to know Collin’s work more closely in the gallery space, which is less common for him. The result is an intimate and personal exhibition in which Collin van der Sluijs, in his characteristic virtuoso handwriting, comments in a dreamy way on the everyday stories and struggles of this period of isolation and thus also holds up a mirror to the viewer. In the first instance this shows a very alluring image. But also an image that, on closer inspection, questions many of the pleasures of our society.


PAST: Ressources Naturelles

The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition Ressources Naturelles by Pipsqueak was here!!! and Ador. After their successful first collaboration in 2018, we’re excited to welcome them back in the gallery. The artists feel a strong connection towards animal life and nature in general. In this exhibition they reflect on the evaporation of natural resources and the use of raw material. They feel that “like a cannibal, man is eating its own mother earth”.  This doesn’t have to be a purely negative message but can be viewed as a call for engagement as well.

September 5 – November 15

Past: Art's not serious, being dead is

The O.D. Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition Art’s not serious, being dead is. With this exhibition we cheer up the people in Amsterdam. It is the second solo exhibition in the gallery of artist Bortusk Leer, known for his Happy Monsters holding signs with provocative slogans.

During the ‘intelligent lockdown’ he made special monsters with comforting and humorous messages such as Stay Fucking positive, Smiling is contagious and Art’s not serious, being dead is. This work is now on display in the gallery for the first time.

Open June 12

POSTPONED: Art Vandals

Dear art lover,

The O.D. Gallery has been closed since March 16 due to measures taken to restrict the spreading of the Covid-19 virus in The Netherlands.  We are busy figuring out a way to reopen the gallery in a way that is safe for our staff and customers.  You can stay updated on the gallery and our program through our website and social media. If you would like to brighten up your walls and support us, please check out our online shop. We ship worldwide!

 We miss you and hope to welcome you back soon in good health!


PAST: 20

In our first exhibition of the new year we look back and forward. Back to last year, by showing some of our favourite artists who exhibited in the gallery. Expect works by the legendary Streetart Frankey and iconic photographs by The lazy hustler Ricky Powell. You’ll also see the familiar faces of amongst others Ottograph, Tono Radvany, Tiago Galo and HNRX.

We’re also introducing some new artists the gallery is looking forward to work with in the coming years: Brazilian artist Andreas Mogle, a group of talented artists who call themselves Collective 416 and Laurens van Gurp.

 Opening January 25

Past: Lettersoup

The first type and lettering exhibition by a group of designers/artists/craftsmen and friends who share a studio based in the eastern part of Amsterdam since 2016. Through the years they’ve earned their stripes on different levels like graphic design, illustration, sign painting and decided to join forces and exhibit their passion in a show.

Lettersoup is cooked and served by Miranda Ensink, Alex Klerk, Jeroen Koning, Christiaan Dros, Zender, Mister Adam, Jasper Andries and Yves van Asten.

Opening November 23

Current exhibition: Love All Colours II

The O.D Gallery is proud to present its second partnership with Portuguese cultural foundation LAC that is known for its collaborations with renowned international street artists, often before they are known by a larger audience. Together we created an exhibition with a wide variety of artworks by the street artists of the future.



Past: Pro Photos on a Hang*Out Tip! by Ricky Powell & Tono Radvany

The O.D. Gallery & The Rickford Institute of Creative Individualizm present Pro Photos on a Hang*Out Tip! A duo show by Ricky Powell and Tono Radvany.

Born and raised in New York, Ricky Powell took up photography in 1985. He started shooting the downtown club scene and immersed himself in the world of art and hip hop. He joined the Beastie Boys on tour, wrote for renowned magazines, exhibited across the world, published 6 books and collaborated with big brands as he became an artist to be reckoned with.

Opening July 13

Past: Frankey go round

In this show you’ll experience a design funhouse by Frank de Ruwe aka Streetart Frankey. This exhibition was created for one reason only: to make you smile. The pieces on show are the embodiment of Frankey’s humorous and unexpected way of thinking. He transforms everyday objects into exciting works of art, always keeping you on your toes.

Opening May 24

Past: Street F.O.O.D.

The last years the O.D. Gallery has introduced Amsterdam to a number of street artists from around the globe. In the exhibition Street F.O.O.D. we present new works of these friends of the gallery.

Participating artists: Ador, Jim Avignon, Bortusk Leer, GonçaloMAR, HNRX ,Jens Mohr ,CAAPS, Alex Senna and SHN, Pipsqueak was here!!! and many others.


Past: ‘I’d rather be snowboarding’

After having made abstract work for years, Ottograph decided this year to start making art with a message. ‘Just aesthetics doesn’t do it for me anymore’, he says, ‘I want to change the world, so expect some serious shit’. In this show you’ll see a lot of selfies.

We also introduce Portuguese artist Tiago Galo to the Netherlands. Taking the dog for a walk or going to the supermarket. The banal things in life inspire Tiago. In his head the man in a flannel shirt sitting at the bus stop on a summer day, or the afro perm on the lady at the cafe mean much more than they appear.