Current: Frankey go round

In this show you’ll experience a design funhouse by Frank de Ruwe aka Streetart Frankey. This exhibition was created for one reason only: to make you smile. The pieces on show are the embodiment of Frankey’s humorous and unexpected way of thinking. He transforms everyday objects into exciting works of art, always keeping you on your toes.

Opening May 24

Past: ‘I’d rather be snowboarding’

After having made abstract work for years, Ottograph decided this year to start making art with a message. ‘Just aesthetics doesn’t do it for me anymore’, he says, ‘I want to change the world, so expect some serious shit’. In this show you’ll see a lot of selfies.

We also introduce Portuguese artist Tiago Galo to the Netherlands. Taking the dog for a walk or going to the supermarket. The banal things in life inspire Tiago. In his head the man in a flannel shirt sitting at the bus stop on a summer day, or the afro perm on the lady at the cafe mean much more than they appear.


Past: Street F.O.O.D.

The last years the O.D. Gallery has introduced Amsterdam to a number of street artists from around the globe. In the exhibition Street F.O.O.D. we present new works of these friends of the gallery.

Participating artists: Ador, Jim Avignon, Bortusk Leer, GonçaloMAR, HNRX ,Jens Mohr ,CAAPS, Alex Senna and SHN, Pipsqueak was here!!! and many others.


Past: Street light

In our new exhibition we explore the cross links between street art and photography. Three upcoming Dutch photographers all in their own way have been inspired by the painted street, as a setting, as a way of working or as a story on its own. We hope to see you during this group show with the artists Dennis Duijnhouwer, Hugo Snelooper and sven signe den hartogh.