The Original Dampkring Gallery is proud to present our final show of 2014 – Picture This, curated by artist and curator Hugo Mulder. In Picture This, artists from throughout Europe were given the challenge to create an interpretation of their favorite film.

Films tell stories in a way that connects on both a personal and broader societal level. Translating this artform to their own specialty, each artist pays homage to these inspirations, while inviting the audience to make their own interpretation.


Hugo Mulder | Deesaster | Morcky | Jord Jansen | Telmo Miel | Karski | Collin van der Sluijs | Klaas Lageweg | Zender | Eelco van den Berg | Steve Locatelli | Inkie | SNIK | Sandor Sweet / Juice | Ian Andrew | BESOK | Ben UCON Peeters | Milan Rubelli I Rachel Wood