Dampkring Gallery invites you for the opening of the art exhibition BOND TRULUV #BITS&PIECE$

Saturday 22 October 17.00 till 21.00

Jonas Ihlenfeldt aka Bond Truluv is a graffiti artist & was born and raised in Germany. He has committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and playing with calligraphy, not excluding the fine arts and graphic design. He experiments with various materials including canvas, video and media installations and combines long exposure photography with additional light-sources (so called ‘light-writing’). The artistic map of Bond TruLuv features murals and exhibitions from his travels all over Europe, Africa and especially Asia.


His ‘BOND’ lettersets are accompanied by anatomic studies rendered in acrylics. In this exhibition he presents a selection of illustrative pieces as well as prints of his long exposure-photography, illustrating the wide pantheon of techniques and styles Bond Truluv is drifting around in.

Digital references give hints of the artist’s conceptional approach: The digital, almost vaporwave-like aesthetics used in many of the works aim to recreate a sureal and sceptical view on the derivates of traditional graffiti, as well as the progressive digitalization of urban subcultures.

“Luv letters, luv life, luv yourself and everything around you in equal measure.”
Exhibition till 4 December 2016