AUTHENTICUS “original, genuine, authentic”
Duo show / Opening Sat 3 Sept 2016 / 1700 – 2100 / Open till 16 Oct

DHM Hugo Mulder and DOES share the same vision on aesthetics and authenticity when it comes to creating their art. Both artists can work on one piece for weeks, taking every detail into account, aiming to create handpainted perfection that shows the love for their craft and the beauty of art. Come and enjoy their new works at this duo show; Authenticus!

Painter, street artist and designer Hugo Mulder / DHM (Amsterdam, 1972) plays with our perception of digital perfection in his work. At first glance his art appears to be an immaculate construction of digital designs. but a closer look reveals extremely detailed hand painted compositions applied in periods of weeks. Mulders new large scale works show feminine entities who seem to shape themselves but who are also influenced by perceptions and opinions from the outside world.

DOES (Veghel, 1982) is a multidisciplinary artist recognised for his well balanced colour schemes and detailed compositions. Taking root in graffiti art, the letterform is his primary love. He maintains that different hand styles betray elements of their owners’ emotional landscapes, putting personality traits subconsciously on display. His paintings push the boundaries of traditional graffiti into a more conceptual and painterly territory where shapes and colors assume narrative and present reflections of our post-modern society.

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